3 myths about writers

paraphrasing tool

paraphrasing tool

Myths are always born in every corner of the world. They concern many areas of life and many professions. There are also myths about writing and the writers themselves.

  1. Writing is easy

What is it to write a few pages. Once I told my friend that I had already written twenty pages of the book, and she said: that’s all? And get support from friends here.

People often think that when you have a story in your head, you can write it easily. Sorry, there will be no hassles.

“If writing seems difficult, it’s because it’s difficult. It’s one of the hardest things people do.” William Zinsser

Yes, there are days when words flow by themselves, but unfortunately there are not many of them. And writing a good text that will draw the reader in, does not offend with errors and inconsistency in the hero’s actions is not like spreading butter on a slice of bread. It is like caring for vegetation. Digging the garden, sowing, watering, fertilizing, pruning. This is a chore. Pleasure too, but actually working for really stubborn people.

  1. A writer can write anything

Read: in every genre. No, she cannot. There are versatile writers, but they tend to be at their best in one genre. Though not always in the genre they think they’re good at.

I once wrote a fairy tale for a competition – yes, the prize of 100,000. dollars can be motivating. But in fact, if I were to go about it again, I would just let it go. I’ve always thought a crime story was the hardest to write. Facing the fairy tale made me realize that I was wrong. It is not possible to write in every genre. It is as if a man was told to write about fashion or cosmetics. Or a woman about boxing or football. I know, I took a short cut here and put everyone in one bag, but just for example, then I came across the paraphrasing tool from Paraphrase Online – it’s the best tool for me, it works quickly and efficiently!

  1. A writer like a computer scientist

Do you know the stereotype of a computer scientist, he is sitting in front of a computer in a small cubicle, leftovers of food are scattered around (if he is taking food at all), clothes that have not been changed for many days?

Browsing through various forums and websites, I noticed a certain trend in thinking about writers. Same goes for a small cubicle, a desk, and a typewriter. And if a writer, a man is best a pipe (not a cigarette!) In his mouth. Hunched, thin, with tousled hair and red eyes. Of course, still complaining about the inspiration (although I can agree with that).

I don’t know where this view of writers came from. Perhaps because writers are usually introduced in front of a traditional typewriter? Maybe because it makes writers mystic, inaccessible, extraordinary?

Well, every writer is different. I once watched an interview with Katarzyna Bona, who said that when she sits down to write, she disappears for days or nights. He writes for twelve hours (!) And leaves the room like a zombie. Maybe it’s true, but honestly? Somehow I didn’t believe her. Write twelve hours? No way! After four I am pumped out and have enough for the rest of the day. And somehow that hasn’t changed for a long time.

In fact, a writer is none other than an ordinary person, but perhaps with a more developed imagination and sensitivity to certain things. He eats like the rest, goes to sleep like the rest, needs rest like the rest. And he does not tear his veins, he does not lose his health.

And no, he doesn’t type. We are in the 21st century, where access to laptops, tablets and other time takers is unlimited and cheaper. Anyway, imagine correcting a text, throwing out or correcting an entire paragraph on a typewriter. When it comes to proofreading, word processors will beat anything else. And the clatter of the typewriter? The keyboard is knocking too.


John Eshan

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