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Although free PDF editors may not have all the bells and whistles of a fully featured editor like Adobe’s Acrobat Pro DC, they may have a few advantages over their expensive competitors. The main benefit is that using them is free. A premium paid editor is usually not worth the money if you don’t frequently work with PDF files, and a free editor will do the trick just fine. Additionally, since most free PDF editors are browser-based, you won’t have to worry about platform or device compatibility.

Naturally, you shouldn’t anticipate that a free product will include all of the features of a premium one. However, the majority of free editors let you edit PDF files by adding and removing text, images, and shapes, as well as by hand-drawing and making notes. You can also create new PDFs and convert existing PDFs to other file formats using free editors. Check the pdf merge for free! 

If you discover that you require more sophisticated capabilities like password security, bates numbering, or e-signatures, one of the desktop editors in our buying guide for the finest paid PDF editors will likely be more beneficial.

1. A great free PDF editor is PDF Candy

PDF Candy is one free PDF editor with many features you would often have to pay for. OCR functionality, file conversion choices, and scanning are the topics we’re discussing. You can use the full toolkit of the commercial version in the free version, but you can only complete one PDF assignment every hour. You must pay $6 each month to have unrestricted access.

2. The best free PDF editor for Macs is Apple Preview

The operating system of Macs includes a fantastic PDF editor by default. Although it is technically a photo viewer, the macOS Preview programme has a wealth of PDF editing features, including the ability to add text and shapes, redact content, draw freehand, insert sticky notes, and sign documents with a trackpad, camera, or iPhone.

3. The most versatile PDF editor for free – Sejda

Sejda, which is accessible as a desktop editor and an online application, can perform a variety of tasks, including as editing, developing and completing forms, Bates stamping, and file encryption. You can upgrade to the reasonably priced paid edition if the daily usage limitations bother you too much.

An overview of free PDF editors

  • Editing a document’s content is the main purpose of a PDF editor, as its name suggests. This features the capacity to insert, resize, and relocate pictures as well as change the order of the PDF pages. The majority of free PDF editors allow you to accomplish these things, but they could place daily restrictions on how many of them you can do or how many documents you can edit.
  • A PDF editor is frequently required to create PDF files from scanned paper documents or by converting digital documents. It can also convert and export PDF files. A good free PDF editor should be able to preserve the formatting when converting popular file types like Word, JPG, and HTML to PDFs. Additionally, it must have the ability to export PDFs while preserving all of the original files’ hyperlinks, images, and other components into other editable file types like HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Review and annotate: When reviewing PDF files, the majority of free PDF editors let you make remarks and other types of annotations. Sticky notes, shapes, and drawing markup options are common annotation tools.
  • Signatures: Signing a document is frequently the only need for a PDF editor. In the past, users could only create and add electronic signatures to documents using pricey desktop editors, but more free PDF editors now support this function.


A PDF document versus a PDF form – what’s the difference?

Although there are many distinct kinds of PDF file formats, all of them are considered to be PDF documents. A PDF form is a specific kind of PDF file that allows users to fill out editable form fields. In a PDF form, most elements of the document are static and cannot be modified. These typically contain questions and guidelines for individuals who ultimately fill out the form. The content fields that a user fills out in a PDF form are typically editable and can provide a list of potential answer options or can be written in freely.


What’s the difference between a Word file and a PDF file?

Yes. There are no similarities between the two document formats. Although you can export between different file formats, they are not interchangeable. The most used applications for word processing, editing, and text alterations are Word file formats. On the other hand, PDF files are most frequently used for document viewing, sharing, and printing. Additionally, Word files contain some variation of the “.doc” file format and can read and/or write to it. While PDF files, which use the “.pdf” file extension, are typically read-only.


Do you have any control over who edits your PDF documents?

Yes. You can safeguard a PDF file if you have a document that you don’t want others to be able to change. To accomplish this, open the file in Acrobat and select Tools > Protect. Then, you have a choice between encrypting the file for more security or simply limiting editing access with a password. You can establish a password and save the PDF document after deciding how to safeguard it.


Are there free PDF editors that can merge PDFs?

Yes, you may combine two or more PDFs into one using numerous free PDF editors, including our top selection PDF Candy. You only need to open the PDF editor programme or website in your browser and select the “Merge” option because the majority of free PDF editors are browser-based. You will then be prompted to add the files for each PDF that you want to combine. Make sure the files are in the desired alignment and location after they have been added before starting the merge. All of your previous PDF files will then be combined into a single new PDF document.

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