How IVF Could Make Having A Family Easier For Couples

ivf treatment in dubai

The women during pregnancy became happy IVF and felt great joy when they find baby photos while for people struggling with infertility these kinds of pictures can act as triggers. Sometimes the couple gets bombarded by family and friends with questions on their reproductive status. More than millions of babies have been born to date with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

This reproductive technology is well known now and has been successful in making the couples extremely happy. In Dubai, the several procedures of IVF like eggs and sperm collection, grooving and selecting embryos, preimplantation, etc. are done by the experts with deep engrossment. All these stages when improved and enhanced using AI, it affects the success rate of the procedure.

Being already advanced in technology the professionals of Dubai promise you the best results and a hope to increase the success rate.The couples who are already suffering don’t even like to talk about infertility.It has been found that it is one of those humiliating health topics that make people awfully uncomfortable.

The professionals in Dubai are working in this field extraordinarily, providing solutions to the couples who have been unsuccessful for many months, or even years, to conceive.You can simply imagine that how confronting, stressful and emotional this time can be. Also, infertility makes it very confusing, couples might be unsure about where to turn for advice. Yet experts in Dubai state that infertility is not uncommon, in fact around one in six couples you can find the difficulty of getting pregnant.

There are many possible causes of infertility, and it affects both men and women. Whether it may be sleep deprivation, age-related infertility or endometriosis, IVF assures you with a hopeful solution with all.IVF procedure has now already been used for roughly 45 years and is relatively a quite young field.

It includes a process of fertilization of an egg by sperm in vitro. After fertilization in the lab, a fertilized egg undergoes embryonic development for 2–6 days. Later the selected embryos are implanted in the woman’s uterus with the hope and expectations of pregnancy.

The doctors of ivf treatment in dubai deliver evidence-based fertility treatment at international levels and are experienced in delivering couples with the best chance of realizing their dream of having a healthy baby.Their contemporary approach aims to balance the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a couple’s life to aid infertility treatments.

Now IVF is determined as the most commonly used term for denoting the fertility treatments. IVF centres in Dubai maintain a meticulous international quality standard having the finest fertility expertise supported by cutting edge technology improvements balanced with true, benevolent care.You can opt to visit Dubai if you are seeking for fertility assistance, you can find experts there with a vision of improving the quality of life of the couples giving them a better chance of having healthy babies born into healthy families.


Dr. Dayeh is a passionate and empathetic physician with 18 years of experience in classical gynecological and fertility-related procedures, including surgeries, plastic surgery, and stress incontinence surgery. In addition, he provides obstetric services to maintain continuity of care during pregnancy. He is fluent in English, Arabic, and Russian, and his multicultural background has equipped him to be culturally sensitive and extra caring with all his patients.

He is committed to helping his patients feel at ease through informed, shared decision-making so that they can undergo successful treatment and experience the joy of parenthood. Patients value his medical expertise, individualized treatments, and the emotional support he provides them.

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