How to Download TikTok Videos | Best TikTok Downloader Tools in 2022

How to Download TikTok Videos | Best TikTok Downloader Tools in 2022

With the popularity of TikTok increasing exponentially in the last few years, it’s evident that users will prefer to download the most popular and most popular videos in some way or another, TokUpgrade mentions. So, in this post we’ll look at various ways you can download TikTok videos. Formerly called, the well-known social media site has now become an ideal platform for the creation of popular videos. It could be to recreate a specific trend or for any other motive, TikTok allows its users to download content available on its platform.

While other major websites like YouTube and Facebook frequently require third-party apps and programs in order to download video content from these platforms. on TikTok it is possible to do the same thing within the app within the app itself. There are some disadvantages for downloading in-app however, you can still utilize third-party applications for downloading TikTok videos too. Read the entire article to learn about different ways and tools for downloading TikTok videos to the device you prefer.

  1. SSSTikTok Downloader Tool For Android and PC

The first download tool we’ll be discussing is SSSTikTok. This tool is among the most well-known video downloading tools that lets you save TikTok videos with the highest quality. To figure out what to do to get TikTok videos that are in HD MP4 format to your Android or PC Follow these easy and straightforward steps listed in the following steps:

  1. Launch TikTok

To begin for the first time, launch the TikTok application for your Android device, or go to the TikTok website using your computer’s browser.

  1. Find the Video

When you browse the feed, search for and choose the video you want to download.

  1. Tap on Share

Similar to the previously discussed method, search at the option Share which is indicated by an arrow located on the right-hand side and then tap it.

  1. Select Copy Link

After you have clicked Share then select Copy Link. Copy Link option among the different options available.

  1. Go to SSSTikTok

Switch to your favorite web browser and launch the SSSTikTok website.

  1. Paste the Link

Copy the copied link into the text bar that is located on top of the page.

  1. Click on Download

Next step, click to download the button and keep it on for a couple of seconds until the page loads with downloadable links for the video you have selected.

  1. Choose the Link and Hit ‘Download Without Watermark’

After you’ve chosen the right link, simply click the “Download without Watermark button to initiate this process and save the TikTok video onto your device.

  1. ‘sssTikTok’ Downloader Tool For iPhone and iPad

While the fundamental concept behind downloading is the same for the various OS devices, users will need to follow additional steps in installing the Documents by Readdle’ app on iOS devices. This is due to Apple’s security policy prohibiting users from downloading any third-party video on their devices with iOS version 12 or later.

When you’ve installed the Documents application, follow the steps 1 – 4 according to the Android procedure.

  1. Launch Documents

Start the Documents with the Readdle application for Your iOS device.

  1. Tap the Compass Icon

On the app’s screen Tap the compass icon to open the browser.

  1. Go to SSS TikTok

Visit in your browser.

  1. Paste the Link

Continue by pasting the URL (copied in step 4) to the “text bar” that is located on upper right hand side website.

  1. Hit Download and Select the Appropriate Link

After you click Download You’ll be presented with the list of links that can be downloaded for the video you’ve chosen. Select the one that is to your preference.

  1. Select ‘Download Without Watermark’

When you have selected the link, select the “Download Without Watermark’ option and choose the name and the location that the download file will be.

  1. Go to Downloads Folder

After you have downloaded the video, go in the downloads folder within the Documents app, and locate the video.

  1. Three dots are three icons that you tap to

If you click on the 3 dots symbol in the middle of the video, and a menu of choices will be displayed.

  1. Select Share and Save Video

Choose Share and then select save the video to your chosen location on the memory of the device.

This will save your chosen TikTok videos to the iPhone and iPad devices.

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