How to find the best commercial vehicle rental company?

Do you wish to travel and have to move heavy things? Most likely, your standard vehicle is inadequate for the job. Fortunately, renting a utility car is an option for you.

In fact, a number of rental firms provide vans for business people and other people who want a car with a sizable adequate interior area. But how do you make a wise choice?

Is a van rental subject to a specific permit?

One of the questions people who wish to rent a van commonly ask is this one. No, not if the rental car’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) is less than 3.5 t, at least. In general, this can apply to flatbed trucks as well as all vintage vans.

Before beginning a commercial vehicle rental, it is still wise to do some research. Additionally, if you want to connect a trailer to it, you must exercise caution. Yes, you can tow a trailer weighing up to 750 kg if you have a B license.

The 3.5t cap specified before must include this weight. An extra 7-hour training session is required in order to be able to tow a bigger trailer and operate a vehicle + coupling combination up to roughly 4250 kg (option B96 in addition to the driving license).

What kinds of utilities can be rented?

Companies typically offer a variety of utility quantities. This gives the customer the option to select the one that best fits their needs in terms of both price and the purpose they intend to use it.

Those vans

For the lengthier variants, these vehicles have cargo volumes ranging from 8 to 15 meters. It is feasible to transport very heavy loads thanks to their height and loading.

They can, however, become problematic if your route contains impediments (such as a passage under a bridge or a gate) or if you are not accustomed to operating such vehicles.


With the most compact loading volume falling between 3 and 4 meters, it is almost possible to divide them into two sub-categories. This kind of vehicle is more challenging to operate and has dimensions similar to an MPV.

Vans with volumes between 4 and 7 m are a little larger. They are more streamlined and more suited for city traffic. Some vehicles in this category are longer than 1m90, which could prevent access to covered parking lots.

Flatbed pickup

These van-derived vehicles are used to move automobiles. Although they are relatively simple to operate, it is important to know how to secure the weight. Additionally, it’s important to be familiar with the characteristics because, depending on the setup, it’s simple to exceed the 3.5t GVW cap set by the B license.

Dump van

They are constructed like vans and have a zipper at the back. Sand, soil, and other debris will be simple to load and unload using this method.

How do you decide which utility car to rent?

Are you searching for a utility vehicle to hire for a move, or a future personal or professional project? You are unsure about where to begin. Be at ease; we are here to assist.

In this post, we’ll go through how to pick a rental car that’s appropriate for your needs and intended use. For helpful suggestions, read the following. Several different types of vehicles are available and practical depending on their function, whether for a move, professional delivery, or to transport objects/furniture.

Models of moving vehicles

Selecting the ideal utility vehicle rental is crucial when moving because you’ll need one that can accommodate all of your possessions. Make careful to select the appropriate size for your needs because vans come in a variety of sizes and styles, from pickup trucks to vans.

For a brief move

While moving can be a challenging process, it can also be an exciting experience. To guarantee the security of your belongings during transport, selecting the appropriate vehicle for your relocation is crucial.

A Jumper van or its equivalent is a great option for transfers involving compact furniture and boxes. These trucks give a loading volume of between 10m3 and 12m3, which is sufficient enough for all the boxes and furniture you need to move to your new residence.

Due to its size and mobility, if you have little to move, you may find that using the Jumper van is more cost-effective even if you’re willing to rental vans philadelphia larger truck or trailer. In conclusion, selecting this kind of vehicle while organizing a modest move makes sense from a cost and convenience perspective.

For a significant relocation

No matter how large the undertaking, moving can be a taxing affair. Fortunately, utility cars exist to simplify your job! From pickup trucks to prisoner vans, these automobiles come in a wide variety of sizes and forms.

One option might be the greatest fit for you depending on your needs. For instance, you will require a larger vehicle, such as a jail cell or a van, if you are transporting a sizable piece of furniture or numerous boxes.

Additionally, hiring a utility vehicle of this size will enable you to reduce the number of round trips, which saves fuel and time if the distance to be traveled is substantial. In other words, these utility vehicles are there to assist you when the time comes to move!

When moving to your new home, these key utilities are crucial due to their greater load capacity and convenience element. Being confident in your decision can help you relax on a moving day and save you time and energy.

Rent a commercial vehicle to transport people and/or cargo.

Renting a van might be the best option if your business is too tiny to have delivery trucks or if you temporarily need to take your coworkers to a trade exhibition. Commercial vehicles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are used to transport both people and products.

To make quick delivery

Efficiency is key while moving things around town or getting supplies from the supermarket. Utility vehicles, such as the C- and F-class diesel vans Renault Kangoo and Citroen Jumpy, fill this need by making deliveries in cities easy and hassle-free.

These vans are the perfect option for those who want to transport cargo with ease because they are made to fit through city streets and confined parking places.

Bigger deliveries

Larger goods or products can be difficult to deliver, especially if you lack the necessary equipment. Renting a van might be an affordable method to accomplish the job properly, whether you’re an online retailer with loads of goods to transport to your carrier over the holidays or you need to carry huge, bulky things.

You’ll have plenty of space to store the packages and items you need to deliver with rental vans like the Peugeot Boxer, which have bigger load volumes than ordinary vans.

You can benefit from robust metal walls for this kind of vehicle, which safeguard your items throughout transportation. You can also enjoy the convenience of adjustable storage systems to keep cargo secure and tidy.

When these capabilities are combined, they offer a fantastic alternative for people who require large on-time delivery vans but don’t want to make the financial commitment to buy one.

Van rental is more than just a cost-effective option; it’s also a simpler way to gain extra storage space and guarantee your goods always arrive at their destination securely.

In order to move individuals

Renting a utility vehicle can be a convenient and cost-effective way to move big groups of people, making it the perfect choice for huge family reunions, social gatherings, and special corporate events.

On the other hand, renting a Traffic minibus is the best option if you require a more potent vehicle with comfortable seats that can hold up to nine passengers. Everyone will travel in the utmost comfort thanks to its sophisticated safety measures and energy-efficient technologies.

In summary, leasing provides a flexible and dependable option for getting people from A to B swiftly and comfortably without having to make a long-term investment in a car.

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