Is Lubricating Mechanical Keyboard Switches Necessary?

Is it Necessary to Lubricate mechanical Keyboard Switches? Investigates that query in this piece by contrasting lubricated and pre-lubricated switches.

If you want to construct your first mechanical keyboard. I’ve spotted 13 (or even 13) in the previous two weeks. Naturally, you would have noticed several switches. You have a lot of options to pick from. One of the most common marketing claims for contemporary MX-style switches focuses on “factory lubrication,” but what exactly is factory lubrication? This company states that their lubricant is ideal for usage immediately; therefore, I should have paid more attention to them. Or should I be worried that the salesperson is attempting to get me to purchase a set of lubricants in addition to the unlubricated switches? Recognize that all of this is frightening. In this fluid subject, I hope to assist you in pinpointing essential ideas.

To state it as plainly as I can: The term “factory lubrication” describes how a switch maker applies lubricant within the Switch to lessen the friction when the Switch is moved up and down. This is due to the fact that switches have a moveable plastic stem that clings to other plastic and metal components like leaves and slide rails. These components must rub against one another. The friction between these parts may be significantly decreased by a tiny lubrication coating, though. As a consequence, the experience is more streamlined and reliable. Factory lubrication often places a marketing emphasis on the lubrication between the rod and the slide rail. Because the Switch is where there is the most friction, keep in mind that occasionally, the plant will exude a lubricant between the stem and the leaves. The same applies to springs since most marring and friction happen at the rod/rail junction. Let’s pay attention to how the factory lubrication may be seen there.

Heavily Lubed Switches

Factory-made switches with heavy lubrication have very little grating or roughness to them. It comes with a sizable supply of lubrication that may be applied on the shaft’s surface. The consumers who want to avoid adjusting their switches or who are designers are the ones who desire these the most. Unfortunately, some have manufacturing flaws, or some lubrication needs to be noticed. But unpacking has always been more complex with the most recent upgrades from businesses like Gateron to its switches, such as Oil Kings. While purchasing thoroughly lubricated switches has numerous benefits, one of those benefits is that most of these switches are already operational when they come to your door. The fluid experience might be different for everyone’s taste. According to some users, the heavily greased switches sometimes don’t have a distinctive feel. There is no discernible friction, and the Switch seems ordinary. somewhat lubricated.

Minimally Lubricated Switch

A smaller factory-lubricated switch could be the solution for those worried about excessively lubricated switches without any ‘benefits’! It contains a little bit of lubrication. These sparingly oiled switches operate smoothly while providing enough friction to feel authentically like their own, apart from customers that desire a non-bulky product. Factory-lubricated switches are also suitable for individuals who want to alter the switches. A switch operator may frequently apply more lubricant to the Switch than the factory supplies to boost lubricity if they want the Switch to feel excessively greased. Instead, removing a tiny quantity of factory lubrication is frequently simpler when doing maintenance. Nevertheless, they are less powerful than highly lubricated or fully dry switches to dry the Switch entirely. However, for those who desire all a mechanical keyboard has to offer, switches with little lubrication provide the most variety.

Unlubed / Dry Switches

comes with no factory lubrication at all. Switches that are unlubricated or “dry” are at the other end of the range from those that are fully lubricated. In pre-built keyboards, this is a regular occurrence. This includes more known switch brands with a more extended history, such as Cherry MX Brown, which is frequently where users begin using mechanical keyboards before stepping into the custom keyboard market. Only some people enjoy the roughness and scratches that come with totally dry switches. Yet, many people purchase them for the same reason a Switch modder would purchase a lightly oiled Switch: a dry Switch is as blank as a canvas! You may customize the dry Switch to your preferences and requirements by adding aftermarket lubricant.

No matter what you want from your changeover, it’s necessary to remember that marketing industrial lubricants is a crucial factor that is frequently disregarded. However, aftermarket lubricants and tuning kits are now widely available and reasonably priced. Some folks want to avoid dealing with the additional difficulty if they intend to create a standalone keyboard. Some people may be so involved in the Switch that they desire its limitless customizability without its smoothness. You could also fall somewhere between these two categories and, like a factory switch with a tiny amount of lubrication to provide the proper smoothness and friction. But you may need to explore a little to determine how smooth you like your switches. But remember that it’s always a matter of personal preference in the end, so the choice is ultimately up to you.

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