Seeking a Microsoft Office Substitute? You Must Be!

Microsoft Office

Are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint your only options? Are you paying more because you require a database yet Access is not included in the fundamental Office set?

The time has come to consider alternatives, at least the one I’ll cover in this article in a moment. There are affordable choices whether you’re a writer on a limited budget who has to send submissions in Word format or an employee who wants to work from home without spending hundreds of dollars on Office or installing an unauthorized copy at home.

A new online revolution has started to help small and medium-sized firms that are looking for more effective working practices. The advent of cloud technology, which makes it easier than ever to operate while on the go, lies at the heart of the increasing accessibility of the world.

The Advantages of Office 365 by Microsoft

The microsoft office 2021 professional plus used to need manual installation on each computer using a disk, and having everything accessible remotely was a pipe dream. Modern cloud services allow you to acquire solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs, whether you are a huge organization with complex IT requirements or a SME searching for the fundamentals.

(As a side note, NEVER install or use any software from Microsoft or anybody else that is not licensed. The hassles, which may include large fines and potential jail time, are simply not worth it. Additionally, you risk losing your job if you bring a copy from the workplace home.)

  • Export in PDF Acrobat format (requires third-party add ins to do this in Microsoft Office)
  • Save in Flash format (.SWF) for usage on the Web; Microsoft Office does not support this at all.

Are you Still Intrigued? Interested in the Cost?

How is this possible? There is, however, a worldwide movement among programmers known as “open source.” The concept is that programmers from all around will contribute their time to working on a particular product (in this example, OpenOffice) and putting it in the public domain. I won’t bore you with the gory details.

Sun Microsystems offers StarOffice for a starting price of $79.95, just as  Limited technical support is also included (OpenOffice does not have technical support.) Still a good deal, plus Sun supports OpenOffice. If you’re not familiar with Sun, they are a very reliable Silicon Valley firm that is best known for creating the Java programming language and workstations.

I advise at least looking into OpenOffice as an alternative to upgrading to Office 2021. It just makes sense, whether you’re a home user or a company with hundreds of Office installations.

Earlier Versions of Microsoft Office

Similar to earlier versions of Microsoft Office get from oscarmyke, it is a collection of software products chosen for specific office tasks. The Microsoft Office 2021 suite of applications includes Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, OneNote, Vision, PowerPoint, InfoPath, FrontPage, Project, Publisher, and Live Meeting. Each of these programs is marketed separately as a piece of software, but the 2021 combines them all under a single set of exorbitant price tags.

The older Office package versions are all perfectly fine, but Microsoft Office 2021 sings its own praises as a more complete package than any of these versions, offers more products, and delivers the most recent versions of the software available. The new versions are frequently essentially the same thing at a fraction of the price of the previous versions, just updated, yet they can lure someone into their excited bargain just to discover that he or she didn’t need it because he or she already owns the identical item in another form.

Because the 2021 can make visual presentations, combine text and graphics into designs, mail letters, plan online meetings, and generate graphics, businesses that have already started using it may be sure that their business is thriving.

Using the 2021 Version

Using the 2021 version for those primarily interested in staging, text, and systematizing statistics because it has products like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel that are ideal for this type of job. Excel and Word are both excellent tools for tracking one’s possessions.

Final Word

The new updated Microsoft can be purchased from any retailer that sells computer software, but if you already have it, keep it instead of throwing it away. People who do a lot of office work would undoubtedly enjoy being immersed in the new package.

John Eshan

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