Tips to Style Gold Bangles In Your Everyday Look

Gold bangles have always been an integral part of every Indian woman’s life. It is a quintessential piece of jewellery that finds its way into the collection of traditional as well as modern women. Whether you wear gold bangles as part of your traditional upbringing, or to make a style statement, there is no denying that a pair of gold bangles is enough to brighten up your ensemble in just mere minutes. If you have been wondering how to style gold bangles to elevate your everyday look, then here are some tips.

Wear them with a watch: Watch is an indispensable part of a human’s life, and even while watches are a timeless item in themselves, combining simple, rounded gold bangles with them instantly gives you a cool look. Gold bangles and a watch combination is perfect when you want to add bling to your serious office look or brighten up your casual look. Shop simple and trendy bangles on Melorra website to accentuate your overall outfit. It is one of the most understated combinations, but it is worth giving a try because it will make you feel and look gorgeous.

Stack them up: Layering and stacking are two trends that have been a rage among fashionistas for the last couple of years. There is so much said, written, and discussed about stacking bangles. If you haven’t found the confidence yet to try this trend, then it’s time that you spice things up for your wrist now. Simply stack your traditional gold bangle with bracelets or even the magnificent gold kada, and watch how the heads turn to admire your wrist. Stacking different gold metal bangles is also a great way to add a pop of colour to your otherwise plain monotone dress.

Keep it minimal: Every day isn’t the same, some days you want to go all grandeur, while on some days you want to keep it muted and simple. A sleek, elegant bangle bracelet and a pair of diamond studs are all you need to complete your look. If you have been looking for minimalistic fine jewellery designs that you can effortlessly wear every day, then you must visit the Melorra website. It is one of the best online store to buy gold earrings, bangles, necklaces, and more at a very affordable price range.

Recreate 90’s look: Back in the 90’s you would have witnessed women adorning a bunch of gold bangles in both her hands. Yes, that look is back and how. Women are not shying from showing off their bangles collection even on a daily basis.  If you thought that this look resonates only when you are wearing traditional attire like a kurta or a saree, then try wearing a bunch of gold bangles in both your hands with a plain white shirt and blue jeans. It will make a bold and trend-setting statement.

Mix and match: Wearing matching jewellery is a cliché. How about mixing and matching different gold bangle designs to make you stand out in the crowd? So next time when you are getting ready, do away with the matching bangles and try something new by wearing a ruffle bangle along with a bracelet bangle.

If these recommendations have got you tempted, then don’t wait even another day to try out these styling tips to dazzle every day.

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