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Thunderball is a National Lottery spin-off game that offers four draws each week. It has nine prize tiers, and top prize winners are guaranteed a fixed payout of PS500,000. The live stream of the lottery draw froze during Wednesday’s drawing, causing confusion for players. This is a common occurrence, and it can often be remedied quickly by refreshing the page.

It Offers A Fixed Jackpot Of PS500,000

With a fixed jackpot of PS500,000 up for grabs four times a week, the UK Thunderball Lottery offers a great return on your investment. Players can choose five main numbers and one Thunderball number, with prizes ranging from PS3 for matching just the Thunderball up to the jackpot prize of PS500,000 if you match all six numbers. The Thunderball draw takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with the results available to view online immediately after each draw. If you want to know more about a particular result date, click on a specific date and you will be shown the winning numbers and full prize breakdown. The app also allows you to set notifications to alert you of prize breakdowns, including when the jackpot reaches a certain amount or has rolled over. You can even customise your notifications to match your schedule.

It Is A Spin-Off Of The UK National Lottery

The National Lottery’s spin-off lottery, thunderball results, offers players a chance to win big money four times a week. The game costs PS1 per line and you can choose five main numbers from one to 39 and a Thunderball number from one to 14. Prizes range from PS3 for matching just the Thunderball up to a whopping jackpot prize of up to PS500,000. The draws take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and are broadcast live on the BBC. The draws are presented by Gaby Roslin and Nick Knowles. The show also airs a variety of spin-off quizzes and games including Who Dares Wins and Break the Safe.

The results are updated on the official National Lottery website as soon as they are announced. You can also watch the draw live on YouTube. Click on a result date for more details, including the prize breakdown. Unclaimed prizes are automatically transferred to the Good Causes Fund.

It Is A Game Of Chance

If you have a winning ticket and match all the main numbers in a six-number selection and the Thunderball number, you’ll win a top prize of PS500,000. The draws take place every Saturday and Wednesday, and you can choose your own numbers or opt for a lucky dip. To check results, visit the National Lottery website or download our free Results App, which is updated as soon as the draw takes place.

There are several methods to nullify a point in Pro Thunderball, including walls and the net. If the ball hits these objects and changes direction, it’s a dead ball. You can also pursue balls that are out of bounds and push, shove, and bodycheck opponents. If you’re in dispute with another player, you can solve the issue through Jousting, which is a jousting contest between the players in dispute. The winner of the joust is awarded the argument and play resumes. The rules of this game vary from location to location, so it’s best to discuss them with your teammates before playing.

It Is A Game Of Skill

If you want to win the top prize in the Thunderball Lottery, you must match the five main numbers drawn and the winning Thunderball number. You can choose your own numbers or opt for a Lucky Dip when purchasing a ticket. Once you’ve decided on your numbers, buy your ticket before the cutoff time for the draw. The results are announced soon after the draws take place, and you can find them on the National Lottery website or download our free results app.

The rules of Pro Thunderball differ from location to location, but most include rules about clothing and Jousting. The latter is the method of resolving any dispute, such as whether a point was scored or not. Jousting is also a great way to break up a long game of the game. It allows players to hit each other and the ball without breaking the rules of the game. This can be very effective at preventing the game from becoming a boring and frustrating experience.


The National Lottery Thunderball is one of the most thrilling lottery games in the UK. Matching all five main numbers and the Thunderball can win you a life-changing prize. Choose your five main numbers from 1-39 and a Thunderball number from 1-14, or opt for a Lucky Dip. Buy your ticket before the cut-off time on draw days.

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